016271_logoLife  is stressful and all of us experience difficult periods in our lives.  These may be due to pressures from relationships, work, redundancy, retirement,   health worries or bereavement, to mention but a few causes.

It can be challenging to see a way through, especially when stress builds up over time, like an accumulation of past and present difficulties.  At these times it can be hard to focus and think clearly and we may experience low mood, anxiety or uncertainty about the direction of our lives.

Many people are unsure about seeking help.  You don’t have to be in a crisis or to know exactly what the problem is or to be good at expressing yourself, to benefit from counselling or therapy.  In reality, most of us work out what we need and what we feel by talking things over with someone else .

Seeing a therapist is a way of helping yourself and getting to know yourself better.  I would offer to help you to explore how you feel about your problems and would give you another perspective without seeking to judge or criticise you.  For your part, some reflection between sessions would help you to get the most from therapy.